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>= MB
>= MHz
64-bit only

$ -
>= MB
TF/SD card USB 3.0 SATA

Processing units:
CPU (default) GPU MCU FPGA

Networking / Wireless
Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Audio / Video
HDMI VGA CVBS Audio jack

GPIO ADC / analog pins PWM

Pinout compatibility
Arduino Raspberry Pi
Notice: this parameter is NOT always reliable, even though full compatibility is often claimed. Be careful.

Supported OS
Linux Android Windows

IR receiver Real-time clock
Li-Ion/Li-Po battery support

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Highest ratings

Rating Name Manufacturer Price
4.5 Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Foundation $5
4.3 Orange Pi PC XunLong Software $15
4.3 Orange Pi Plus 2E XunLong Software $35
4.3 NanoPi M1 FriendlyArm $11
4.2 Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi Foundation $35
4.1 Orange Pi Mini 2 XunLong Software $20

Latest submissions

Name Manufacturer Submitted by
Orange Pi R1 XunLong Software admin
ROCK64 (4GB) PINE64 raffaele
ROCK64 (2GB) PINE64 raffaele
ROCK64 (1GB) PINE64 raffaele
Orange Pi Zero Plus H5 XunLong Software raffaele
Z-turn Lite MYIR Tech Limited myirtech