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>= MB
>= MHz
64-bit only

$ -
>= MB
TF/SD card USB 3.0 SATA

Processing units:
CPU (default) GPU MCU FPGA

Networking / Wireless
Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Audio / Video
HDMI VGA CVBS Audio jack

GPIO ADC / analog pins PWM

Pinout compatibility
Arduino Raspberry Pi
Notice: this parameter is NOT always reliable, even though full compatibility is often claimed. Be careful.

Supported OS
Linux Android Windows

IR receiver Real-time clock
Li-Ion/Li-Po battery support

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Popular search patterns: Qualcomm Snapdragon, Intel x86 Single Board Computer, Low cost Single Board Computer (under $50), Dual Ethernet, 4GB RAM, 8GB RAM, Single board computer with Windows 10, SIM card slot, 4K video, FPGA
Popular comparisons: Banana Pi BPI-M2 Ultra vs. ASUS Tinker Board vs. ASUS Tinker Board S, NanoPi 2 Fire vs. NanoPi NEO AIR, Raspberry Pi 3 vs. NanoPC T3 vs. PINE A64+ 2GB vs. ROCK64 (4GB), Banana Pi M3 vs. UP Core vs. UP Squared Celeron Ultra

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Highest rated

Rating Name Manufacturer Price
4.5 Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Foundation $5
4.3 Orange Pi Plus 2E XunLong Software $35
4.3 Orange Pi PC XunLong Software $15
4.3 NanoPi M1 FriendlyArm $11
4.2 Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi Foundation $35
4.1 Orange Pi Mini 2 XunLong Software $20

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Grapeboard Scalys raffaele
Orange Pi One Plus XunLong Software raffaele