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Board name EDM1-CF-LS1021A
Manufacturer TechNexion
SoC QorIQ LS1021A
CPU 2x ARM Cortex-A7 1000MHz
RAM 2048MB
Internal storage 512MB
SD card Other SD card slot, up to 32GB
USB host 1 USB (2.0 host, 3.0 OTG) ports
USB OTG 1 ports
LAN 2 ports, up to 1000Mbps
HDMI 1 ports (HDMI audio not supported)
VGA None
Composite (CVBS) None
Audio output 1 ports (unknown / proprietary port)
Audio input Line in: None
Microphone input / built-in microphone: None
SATA 1 ports
IR receiver No
Wi-Fi None
Bluetooth None
Real time clock No
GPIO pins 8 pins
ADC support No
Other interfaces - 1GB to 2GB DDR3 with ECC; optional 512MB NAND; SDIO; SATA 3.0
- Single-channel 18/24-bit LVDS (optional)
- Single-channel I2S audio
- 2x UART
- 2x Flex CAN 2.0B
- JTAG (via thruhole)
- 2x PCIe 2.0
- Shock resistance: 50G / 25ms
- Vibration resistance: 20G / 0-600Hz
- SODIMM style "EDM" form factor (EDM1 with 314-pin MXM connector)
- OS: Linux; Yocto Linux; extended support for WEC7 and RTOSes
Voltage 4.75V - 5.25V
Amperage 400mA - 1000mA
Type Single board computer
Price (excluding VAT)
Coming soon
Rating No rating available
Android supported No
Windows supported Windows Embedded Compact 7
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