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Orange Pi Plus 2E is one of the most powerful boards on the market for its price. It features a 1.6GHz AllWinner H3 SoC, 2GB RAM, 16GB Samsung eMMC, a built-in Wi-Fi module (RTL8189ETV) and a Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO header. In addition to its technical specifications, what makes this board interesting is that it was designed based on requests by the developers of Armbian, a Debian-based Linux distro for single-board computers.

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Manufacturer XunLong Software
SoC AllWinner H3
CPU ARM Cortex-A7 (32-bit)
1.6GHz quad core
GPU Mali-400 MP2
RAM Built-in, 2GB
Internal storage 16GB
SD card MicroSD card slot, up to 64GB
USB host 3 USB ports
USB revision 2.0
USB OTG port
Ethernet 1 port
Type: Gigabit
Wake-on-LAN    Not supported
HDMI 1 port (audio supported)
Composite (CVBS) 1 port
Display interfaces
Audio output Analog: 1 port (3.5mm audio jack)
Audio input Line In:
Mic In:
Built-in Microphones: Yes (1 mic)
IR receiver
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Real time clock (RTC)
Other I/O GPIO: 40 pins
ADC: None
PWM: 1 pins
SPI: Supported, 1 interface
I2C: Supported, 1 interface
UART: Supported, 1 interface
Other interfaces Raspberry Pi compatible pinout
Size 108mm x 67mm x 15mm
Weight 52g
Voltage 5V
Power consumption (amperage) 1A - 3A
Operating temperature ?
Type Single board computer
Price (excluding VAT)
Rating 4.3/5
Android supported    Android 4.4
Windows supported    Not supported
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